How to Create 3D AI Wing’s Name image’s Generate


Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. Launched in 2009, it provides users with a platform to search for a wide range of information, images, videos, and news. While Google dominates the search engine market, Bing offers its own set of features and is integrated into various Microsoft products, including Windows and Microsoft Edge.



Bing is a search engine like Google. It helps you find information on the internet. You can search for websites, images, videos, and news. Bing also has features like image and video search, maps, and a homepage with a daily changing background.




1. First open play store / appstore

2. Search bing Download The Bing App

3. Open The Bing App

4. First Sing up

5. Then Click Apps Icon

6. Then Click The Image Creator Icon

7. Copy This Prompt ⬇️


A person is holding on hand a white card that says “Noman” in front of a Makkah The person wears a watch and bracelets on their wrists.

8. And Past The Discription

9. And customize The Prompt Change The Name

10. And Then Click the Create button ✅

11. Wait 10 Sec

12. And Generate 4 image’s

13. Click the image and download

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