Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk v1.34.1【Unlimited Money+OBB】

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk

If you’re in the market for a more traditional sports racing game, then look no further than the highly acclaimed Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk. This app will allow Android gamers to immerse themselves in the world of horse racing. In addition to being able to play the game’s single-player campaign, players will also be able to participate in various tournaments and events.

The Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk game’s menus and tutorials will help boost the player’s enjoyment. The goal of the game is to improve the skills of the players to rank higher in the game. In addition, the various game modes change the mindset of the players. They can start the race by pressing left and right keys to control the horse. They can also check the energy bar to see if the horse is giving its best.

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This time we bring a different but more appealing game with the badge of classical horse racing stuff named Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk.  Rather than this mainly racing games consists of cars, motorbike but let’s get an enjoy a totally different gaming experience with horse racing. Basically, horse racing is the game released for both android and ios devices with fully compatible options. 

Gameplay of rival stars horse mod apk:

Start your horse racing career and learn various skills and ample rewards. The game brings you the ultimate gaming journey. The storyline begins with the early efforts of your father, who was a successful horse racer in the past with heavy ranching skills, dedicated employees, and a lot of wealth and fame.

Then, one day unfortunately due an accident while racing destroys all the careers of your father and indirectly badly impacts your entire family life. The game’s storyline revolves around the owner of a struggling horse racing stable who has to take on a serious responsibility to restore the company’s former glory. Unfortunately, the company’s recent affairs have not been in the best of ways.

The developers of the rival stars horse racing took great care in creating a realistic and detailed game model. In addition to this, they also paid attention to the various details of the horse racing world. Then, by passing through such bad days of life, you take a stand and accepted the proposal of Francis, the close friend of your father, and start your journey in this interesting domain of life.

Now, you have to take a strong stand to pinch out your family from the bankruptcy stage. This time you need to become more aggressive with your passion to continue the legacy of your father and give tribute to him. Furthermore, have fun meeting up with new friends in this vast circle and share your thoughts and interest to close your friendship bonds. 

Features Of Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk

    • Unlimited Golds
    • User-friendly Controls
    • Amazing characters
    • Thrilling horse races
    • Breeding your perfect stallions
    • Offline Mode
    • Free To Play
    • Daily Rewards System
    • No Ads
    • Limitless money
    • No ads
    • Free to play
    • Auto-sync
    • Unlimited gold
    • Compatible for all devices
  • Limitless resources
  • All unlocked items

Unlimited money:

Improvement in the equipment and other items is a very necessary factor. Because the other things like stables, horses, and warehouse management all depend on that. That’s why we need a sufficient amount of money to fulfill our needs. But, you don’t have to worry this time with our modded pro version you will get an infinite amount of money that gives you a more astonishing gaming experience. 

Unlimited Golds

Like in the currency, we also need gold to purchase various equipment. Having a limitless amount of money can help us meet the needs of multiple items. It does not have to be mandatory for upgraded levels, and it can even help us reach our goals. With the latest version of Android, users will get to enjoy limitless resources of gold.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk

Initiative and user-friendly controls:

The endless amount of content that players will get with this game will have a huge impact on the gaming experience. It will allow them to experience the game in a way that they never would have thought possible. Besides being able to control the game, players will also get to enjoy various pro features that will make the experience even better.

Amazing characters

In the game, Android gamers will have the opportunity to experience the many different story scenarios that are featured in the various races and horse ranch activities. They’ll also get to interact with interesting characters and have their own unique roles in the success stories.

They will help you with any issues that you might have while working at the ranch. It’s also great to have some friends around as you progress in the game.

Some Extended Added modes:

The horse rival star horse racing is a modified version of the game that’s designed to provide you with the best possible experience. It comes with a variety of premium features that are not included in the regular version. In addition to being able to enjoy the game’s various features, the developers of the app also make sure that you don’t have to spend a single penny on ads.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk

To get the most out of your horses, focus on bringing them up with full energy and improving their abilities. Your main concern is to establish your forefather’s legacy and prestige in the racing domain. Prepare for the matches by improving your speed, strength, sprint, and powerset.

Thrilling horse races

Those who are passionate about horse racing can now enjoy the action-filled and realistic gameplay of this game, which allows players to participate in real-world horse racing matches. In addition to being able to compete against other players, gamers can also feel the excitement and thrill of the races as they engage in the various types of challenges.

Breeding your perfect stallions

In addition to being able to compete against other players, Android gamers can also help the best horses in the game by purchasing them from breeders. They can additionally train them to become better racehorses or try to breed their own amazing horses. There are also various ways to earn money in the game, such as selling the horses you have purchased or breeding them from the parents of gifted individuals.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk

In addition to being able to compete against other players, gamers can also earn money and rewards by selling their horses. In order to make their horses more special, make sure that they have the necessary characteristics and history. You can additionally participate in the breeding system of multiple horses.

No Ads:

Most people know that ads are very annoying and can disturb the gaming experience. They usually appear in the free versions of the applications that are commonly used, but Android users don’t have to worry about this anymore. Here, we bring the ads-free pleasure to you.

Offline Mode:

With the latest version of the mobile game, Android gamers can now enjoy the same great gameplay experience with the help of their friends and online gamers. In addition to being able to play against others, you can also participate in real-time races to test your skills.

Free to play

For those who are not yet ready to give up on the game, you can still enjoy the free gameplay of the game by downloading it on your mobile device. However, there are some features that you will need to unlock in order to fully enjoy the game.

Daily Rewards

For the players who are interested will now get the chance to avail the offer for daily quests. Which will double the enjoyment for the users. Plus, by having this they will get amazing rewards. Just switch to the rival stars horse racing mod apk and start your daily stack up journey now. Moreover, you can avail more interesting rewards at the end of every weekend.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk

Enjoy without the active internet connection:

Android gamers will get have more fun even because here you can even play the rival stars mod apk without the active internet connection. Surprisingly that’s one of the amazing features that are not available in most of the games. Moreover, here you can have fun with other champions and real-time worldwide players. Plus, you can even follow the story by having offline gameplay. In short, it’s the era of full-time entertainment for horse racing lovers. 

Fully free:

Surprisingly this game is a gem for the classical gamer. Plus, one more thing is the basis of its popularity that it’s fully free. Despite all such amazing features the game is fully free and loaded with some of the pro features like unlimited resources and much more. 


One of the most popular games in this genre is the aptly named “Rival Stars Horse Racing”. It offers a variety of features and gameplay options that will keep you entertained for a long time. If you have any questions or concerns about the game, please feel free to contact us through our support section.

How to get free gold on rival stars horse racing

The addictive gameplay and the game’s numerous features make “Rival Stars Horse Racing” an ideal choice for Android users. Its free and unlocked version will allow you to play it even more.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Download Latest Version:

Why are you still waiting? It’s the best time to avail this unique offer by installing this wonderful game. To download simply tap on the link available at the top left corner of the page. Simply get the game and start enjoying it. 

How to install the rival stars horse racing hacked version?

  • First of all, simply tap on the download button available at the top of the page.
  • Then, select the specified location and then you will be direct towards a new page. Where android users will easily download the latest version of rival stars mod apk.
  • But keep one thing in mind before doing that make sure that your device’s “Unknown Resources” option is turned on.
  • Enjoy the game.

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